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Well hello i'm Zoe 

I'm a mama in day to day life, a birth and postnatal doula and  I am soon to launch my sleep consultancy. My journey for the love of birth started a long time ago,  being a doula is most certainly my calling in life, I believe a doula is born a doula. I got to experience the crazy World of the NHS whilst midwifery training, after that I was determined to provide continuity of care, I focus on providing the support side of care and to be more involved in building up trust to guide you and your partner through your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  No birth is the same and yet every birth is such a journey of emotion. As a doula I offer non medical support, to empower and remind you that you've got this. 

A bit about Me

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I found my antenatal classes amazing for making like minded same situ friends although specifically targeted to the straight forward, breath your baby out birth, which is not always the case, this doesn't mean you can't have a positive birth experience. I'm far from a floaty, chilled vibes this is the way it'll be, you'll sneeze and birth, its about choice and being informed, armed with knowledge and research based information so you feel confident and prepared in birthing your babe, no matter what journey your baby decides to take. I have a huge interest in the physiology of childbirth and the way our bodies work. The role that hormones have to play with both the mind and with the body during this time. The adjustment from being pregnant to the baby being earth side is HUGE! Most women I see have partners and having support from a doula does not mean your partner doesn't matter, overall partners have found that having the support from someone they know there, reassuring when it comes to birth.

I'm based in Surrey and cover areas including Esher, Cobham, Molesey, Thames Ditton, Claygate, Surbiton, Cobham, Teddington, Hampton, Richmond and London. I have worked at both NHS and private trusts. 




07930 649 748



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