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Side by side 

As your doula I’m there to enable you and your partner have positive, empowering birth experience no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. I will provide you with the knowledge, support and skills to go into your birth with a positive mindset, to be able to make informed choices along the way, as well as being your advocate.

Every woman and their partner deserve, continuity of care, emotional and physical guidance on this journey. No matter how you choose to birth your baby. My aim is to build a trusting bond with you so you and your partner feel powerful, confident, calm and positive with your choices leading up to your birth. I’ve supported every magical birth, including abdominal births, multiple births, induced births and VBACS.

''I felt totally at ease knowing that Zoe was by my side, supporting me through every step of my labour & birth, she was incredible supporting both me and my partner and wouldn't have done it without her'

Birth doula 

Birth doula package 

As your birth doula I am there from the moment you book me until you are back at home after your birth. I am there to support any kind of birth and discuss various options with you. I will meet with you at least twice during your pregnancy and will then be available on the phone or via email for any questions or concerns. Depending on your pregnancy, I typically go on call for you from 38 weeks and from there on available 24/7. I will travel to your home or hospital/choice of birth place to be by your side. During your birth I will be your advocate, support you with breathing techniques, positions, movements, make sure you are fed and watered, encourage your partner to participate in any way they feel comfortable and ease any anxiety, I will be with you until you have birthed your baby(ies) and you are settled. I then tend to do one postnatal session once you are back home. Everyone's requirements are different therefore this is a typical package although I also tailor the package to suit your needs. I also offer shared care with my like minded doula partner @stilettostostrollers this is to manage several births and postnatal clients at once around our own lives, you then get the support & knowledge of 2 doulas throughout your pregnancy and guarantee someone will be at your birth. 

Includes x2 antenatal sessions, on call from 38 weeks of gestation unless another plan has been put in place. Providing you with emotional & physical support by being your advocate, re capping information, providing you with constant encouragement and love. To make sure you are fully informed and know your rights and to have the confidence in your birth. 

its so important to choose the right doula, I will always have a phone call with you followed by a zoom call or meeting to find out if i'm the right doula for you. 

'I knew i was having a c section but super nervous even though i knew it was the right way for me to birth my babies, i felt like i wanted to discuss all my options for a gentle c section, I got exactly what I wanted with both babies being placed on my chest as soon as they were born, thanks to Zoe I was so well informed and felt like i had unconditional love and support'.



Two antenatal planning sessions bespoke to you.

Whatsapp chat dedicated to you. 

On call from 38 weeks until your baby is born. 

Support throughout your labour and birth.

Support you for 2 hours post birth to get you comfortable and feeding your baby. 

One postnatal visit/birth debrief with a homemade meal. 

I request for 50% of the fee on booking and the remaining 50% when I go on call for you. 

'Zoe is incredibly passionate, kind, understanding, knowledgeable and was completely focused on us as a couple. With her extensive experience we felt super confident we were going to get the best support and that of what we needed and we certainly did, she exceeded our expectations. We went onto have Zoe as our postnatal doula to settle back at home with our gorgeous new addition. She'll always be a special part of our lives'.


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